• I was having 30 grand mal seizures a day. It was so bad I had to wear a helmet to school to protect my head when I fell to the ground. I felt rejected by many other kids at school because of my epilepsy and me having to wear a helmet. I came to First Love Ministries Church and I was prayed for as Jesus did for the epileptic boy in LK. 17:14-21 and I was delivered and totally healed from epilepsy. Years have gone by and I have not had a single seizure. M.J.


  • I suffered from chronic heartburn for 20 years. Pastor Bill prayed deliverance for me, and God totally set me free from heartburn. R.B.


  • I had been a drug addict street prostitute for 18 years. I was greatly hemorrhaging every day as a woman does on her monthly cycle. I started coming to First Love Ministries Church and God gave Pastor Jan a word of knowledge that the hemorrhaging was because of all the sexual sin from prostitution. I confessed, repented and she prayed for me and I was totally healed. J.D.


  • I had a horrible migraine headache for 1 ½ weeks. I had been to the doctor and to the hospital and nothing helped. I came to church and pastors Bill and Jan prayed for me and all the pain left, and I give Jesus all the praise. E.N.


  • I had suffered some abuse as a child and had as a result a powerful demon of fear of intimacy. I was prayed for and I was totally delivered by the power of God. I was then free to open my heart to people and developed a relationship with a Christian man and within a year of my deliverance I was married. W.C.


  • I was addicted to drugs, was prayed for and was instantly delivered and set free. J.T.


  • I had allergies, went through deliverance and was set free. W.J.S.


  • I had been sexually abused by a family member. I suffered for years with rejection, self-hatred, self-destructive behaviors, anorexia nervosa, and suicide. I came to church, was prayed for and was totally healed and delivered. C.U.


  • I had massive sinus infection and a fever. Pastor Bill prayed deliverance for me, and I was instantly healed. B.R.


  • For years I suffered greatly from night terror. I would wake up screaming. It was real torment. They prayed deliverance for me, and I was completely set free. No more night terror! P.K.


  • I had been diagnosed to have cancer in my body. I was scheduled for surgery. When I was prayed for, they broke the curse of cancer, death, cast out infirmities and a couple others. When I went in for surgery the doctor said he didn’t know what happened, but all the cancer was gone. Praise God! C.J.F.


  • My sister told me about what God was doing at First Love Ministries Church in healing and deliverance. I came by faith. I was prayed for and I have been healed from asthma! M.J.S.


  • The doctor told me I had lupus. I came to First Love, they prayed for me, I was healed, and this was confirmed when I went back to the doctor. J.P.


  • I had experienced panic attacks for years. I heard about what God was doing, I came, was prayed for, went through a massive deliverance session, and was set free from panic attacks. J.S.


  • My child had a voodoo curse placed upon her. I brought her to church, and she was set free from this curse of death. W.A.


  • I had a car wreck and as a result was experiencing constant back pain. I was prayed for and when the demon, that came in through the trauma of the car wreck, came out - all the pain stopped! J.S.


  • I was being attacked by very painful shingles. I went through deliverance and was totally set free!! B.S.


  • For years I had nightmares, I got saved, went through deliverance, and I haven’t had a nightmare since. N.C.R.


  • I came to one of the conventions at First Love Ministries Church because I needed God to help me overcome drug addiction & hepatitis C. I was prayed for, was delivered & healed from all my destructions. J.J.N.


  • I mistakenly went into a Buddhist temple out of curiosity not knowing I was giving Satan legal ground to curse me. I started having severe stomach problems, depression, and horrible fits of anger & rage. At First Love they taught me to confess, repent, renounce and get rid of the occultic artifacts I had. When I did, they broke the curses and I was completely healed and set free. I am so grateful. L.M.R.


  • I was addicted to nicotine for 19 years. They prayed deliverance for me, and I was set free and stopped smoking. K.P.


  • I am a delivery man and for 4 days I was having serious back pain. I came to church, was prayed for and all the pain left. D.O.


  • I had a heart attack and afterwards I was prayed for as my energy level had gone down so low, I could hardly do anything. Pastors Bill & Jan prayed for me and I was delivered from congestive heart failure, heart disease, heart attack and my energy level went up 100%! C.N.


  • For 1 ½ weeks I had severe diarrhea. I came to church believing for a miracle. They prayed deliverance for me & the diarrhea stopped and stayed away. T.B.


  • I had chronic hip pain for years, came to church, was prayed for and God healed me. D.A.D.


  • I had a large tumor on the right side of my neck. Pastor Jan prayed for me and I was healed. R.J.


  • Because of my past involvement in a spiritualist church, I had gone into seasons of great depression. At First Love I was taught to confess & repent. When I did, I was delivered of all the depression. S.M.


  • I had gone to a fortune teller which resulted in me having a strong demon which hindered me. Pastor Bill prayed warfare prayer for me, the curse was broken, the demon cast out and I have been experiencing total freedom that I’ve never experienced before. L.F.T.


  • I had an abortion when I was young, unmarried and not saved. I experienced much guilt, condemnation, torment and other things. Pastor Jan ministered to me when I got saved and she cast out demons of murder, morbidity and some others. Since then I have felt so free. M.Y.L.


  • I had been traumatized as a child by much rejection, abandonment, satanic ritualistic sexual abuse. I came to First Love Ministries Church and submitted to a season of deep deliverance and have experienced freedom like never before. W.G.


  • At Wednesday night service I came with tension all over my body and at night I could feel my muscles were so tense. Pastors cast out spirits of stress, restlessness and anxiety. I got so relaxed and so free I had no more tension or pain in my body. S.A.


  • I came to church with severe lower back pain to where I couldn’t even sit back on the pew without excruciating pain. I had to stand up for it to stop. I went through deliverance during Wednesday night service and it felt like bands were breaking off and I felt I should raise my hands up in praise to the Lord, so I did, and all the pain left. Praise Jesus! C.H.


  • Pain entered my knee one night while I was sleeping. For several days I walked with pain. I came to church tonight and now I am delivered and healed. I have no pain in my knee. I am so grateful. K.T.


  • From: S.D.
    Sent: Monday, June 3, 2019 1:07 PM
    Subject: Praise!

    Hello Pastor Jan,
    Just wanted to share with you a praise. On Friday evening on my way to the John Ramirez conference last week my brakes on my car started squealing. I tried to call the mechanic on Saturday and Sunday but couldn't get through. So I continued to drive out for church and the last day of the conference on Monday. I was finally able to get a hold of the mechanic this past Saturday and he told me he would fix the brakes for me on Sunday.

    I remembered you mentioned during the conference that you all prayed for everyone traveling. God had mercy on us. The mechanic told me on Sunday afternoon when I went to pick up my car that the stabilizer was broken completely in half. He replaced it because it is too dangerous to drive with it broken. He said he didn't understand how I had been driving it for so long like that. God has been exceedingly gracious!

    Bless you all for your prayers for the saints.
    Much love,
    S. D.


  • 6/30/19: My husband and I recently went through a hard season. We believe God brought us to First Love Ministries this morning for breakthrough. We were ministered to through prophetic preaching, prophetic ministry, deliverance ministry and through the fellowship of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We were edified, comforted, and received deliverance today in various ways. We are thankful for the LORD meeting spiritual needs this morning through this ministry. And the praise and worship is always a blessing to be a part of here. We give God glory, honor, thanks and praise in Jesus’ name. We want to say thank you to First Love Ministries. --MF


  • I received deliverance from a spirit that came in from a lifestyle of video games starting age 4 and continuing for about 10 years. First Love Ministries: A place where I experienced the presence of God and had my life changed, awakened and liberated from “a form of godliness.” (2 Tim. 3:5) - DLK


  • These are a few things the Lord has done for me. After suffering from a common cold and allergies from childhood Jesus healed me through the ministry of deliverance. I believe it’s generational because some of my siblings are still suffering the afflictions of common colds and allergies. I have also been delivered from the spirit of poverty, the curse that causes money to disappear. This was a strong spirit that devoured my finances. I thank God for these miracles that have happened in my life.
    I have been delivered from many more things that I don't have enough space to write my whole testimony. Deliverance is a great gift from God for His children to walk free from demonic bondage, but unfortunately it is lacking in most of the body of Christ today leaving God's children defeated and ineffective. --Pastor Brian