• We’ll discuss, discern and define events going on word-wide, in our nation, the church, politics, Middle East, Israel, etc.

  • Much revelation on how God, through the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of His Holy Spirit will restore people’s lives.

  • We’ll go in depth in how God renews our minds, heals our emotions, deals with our self-will, restores broken hearts, heals physical sicknesses, changes poverty to prosperity, develops sexual purity in us, frees us from bitterness.

  • Biblical strategies will be brought forth so that people can be healed, delivered and restored from such things as addictions, verbal abuse, alcohol, gambling, physical abuse, drugs, porn, sexual abuse, rejection, false religions, cults, new age, occult, witchcraft, generational and personal sin curses.

  • Deep studies on power of God’s Word, prayer, deliverance, breaking curses, praise, worship, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the anointing, healing, the Cross, identity in Christ, God’s manifested presence.