We have the spirit of prayer. These aren’t just dead, quiet, business as usual prayer meetings, as God gives us His heart.  We feel what He feels for the lost, sick, demonized, addicted, abused,…There is weeping wailing, travailing, agonizing as God takes us into deep intercession and we stand in the gap for others.

Corporate prayer and intercession meets every Saturday 3:30 – 6:00 PM.

Pre-service prayer begins 30 minutes before each of our services.

The following realms of prayer are closely studied and practiced in on-going teaching sessions:


  1. Prayer
  2. Intercession
  3. Travail
  4. Groaning in Prayer
  5. The Spirit of Spirit
  6. Revival Praying
  7. Effectual Fervent Prayer
  8. Prevailing Prayer
  9. Spiritual Warfare Prayer
  10. Binding and Loosing
  11. Praying in the Spirit
  12. The Prayer of Faith
  13. The Prayer of Confession
  14. The Prayer of Repentance
  15. The Prayer of Commitment
  16. Watchmen of the Wall
  17. Praying for Those in Authority
  18. The Prayer Shield
  19. The Prayer of Deliverance
  20. The Prayer of Healing
  21. Binding the Strongman
  22. Definitions of Prayer-Intercession
  23. Praying the Word
  24. The Fasting Prayer
  25. The Mission of Prayer
  26. Jesus Our Intercessor
  27. Holy Spirit-Helper in Intercession
  28. Prayer of Agreement
  29. Prayer Against Territorial Spirits
  30. Corporate Prayer
  31. The Family and Prayer
  32. Petition and Supplication