Our vision at FLMC for children’s ministry is that every child would fulfill God’s 2 greatest commandments:

to love God with all your heart, soul, strength & mind and love others.


  • That the child’s basic needs would be fulfilled of love, acceptance, safety, identity, communication, recognition, provision, a loving home, food, clothing, protection, healthy hugs, etc.

  • To train up a child in the way so that when he or she is old they would not depart. To teach them boundaries is love.

  • We equip parents so that they can diligently teach God’s Word to their children so they can learn that if they choose the behavior, they’re choosing the consequences & that sin has consequences.

  • As adults, parents/guardians, Christians we must model real Christianity in front of the children in the home, market, school, ballfield, church, etc.

  • We have the children in the sanctuary during song service because we believe it’s extremely important that the children learn how to relate to God in singing, praising, worshipping, dancing before the Lord.

  • We believe living with & for God is the most fulfilled life one could ever have. We want the children to experience that in God’s presence there is fulness of joy. It’s important that everyone, including children, learn how to enjoy God, church, life, etc.

  • We want to help prepare children for the rest of their life.