Free School of Ministry

First Love Ministries Church

This is a place where people come to be prepared for the ministry.

God has taken us into deep, pure revelation and through prophetic preaching; many books, CDs, DVDs that we have available; individuals grow according to their hunger and commitment.

Free School of the Bible and Practical Ministry Preparation
Free on-going classes, call for information 913-403-9644

A.  Bible Classes 

1.    Nehemiah

2.    Esther

3.    Ruth

4.    Joshua

5.    Revelation

6.    Synoptic Gospels

7.    Minor Prophets

8.    Old Testament Survey

9.    New Testament Survey

10.  Romans

11.  Acts

12.  Prison Epistles

13.  Pastoral Epistle

14.  Tabernacle of Moses

15.  Tabernacle of David

16.   Isaiah, The Messianic Prophet

17.   Jeremiah, The Weeping Prophet

18.   Genesis

19.   Exodus

20.   Life of King David

21.   Study of Kings in the Bible

22.   Book of Judges

23.   Proverbs

24.   Ezekiel

25.   Parables of Our Lord Jesus Christ

26.   Hosea:  The Romance  of the Bridegroom

27. From Genesis to Revelation
The Bride and the Bridegroom

28. From Egypt to Canaan by Way of the
Wilderness: A Study in Exodus

29.  Joel: Repent and Fast for Hunger! 

30. The Office of the Prophet

B. Practical Ministry Preparation

1.       Prayer-Intercession, Travail

2.      Praise-Worship-Song of the Lord-
Prophetic Songs

3.       Gifts of the Holy Spirit

4.       How to be Led by the Spirit

5.       Breaking Generational Curses

6.       Deliverance

7.       Healing the Sick

8.       Evangelism 

9.       Prophetic Ministry

10.     Prophetic Song

11.     Spiritual Warfare

12.     Weapons of Our Warfare

13.     The Call and Preparation of a Leader

14.     Cults and the Occult

15.     Revival

16.     Restoration

17.     Breaking Addictions

18.     Forgiveness

19.     Marriage Seminars

20.     Team Ministry Concept

21.     How to Lead a Song Service

22.     Study on the Anointing

23.     Missions- Home and Foreign

24.     Child Evangelism

25.     Youth Ministry

26.     Drama Team

27.     Dance Team

28.     Door to Door Ministry

29.     Counseling

30.     Hospital Ministry

31.     How to Prepare Messages to Preach

32.     How to Prepare Messages to Teach

33.     Ministry to The Poor

34.     The Ministry of The Holy Spirit

35.     Church History

36.     Street Ministry

37.     Jail and Prison Ministry

38.     Fasting

39.     How to Study the Bible

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